Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about lymphoedema, lipeodema and the other in clinic treatments. If you don’t find the answer here feel free to contact us.

What happens at my first treatment?

Just be aware that for your first treatment, you should allow for 75mins if you are looking for a full 60min treatment. We need to do this so we can cover off your full medical and health history so we are working within safe parameters (for you and for me). If you have particular injury or illness I will assess these and will formulate a treatment plan for the session.

  • Each visit you have we will touch base for the first 5 or so minutes to see how you felt after your last session and set a treatment plan for the current session.
  • At the end of your treatment, you may been given, emailed or referred to a link on the Helpful Information page for further supporting information

Do you fit or sell compression garments?

Yes, I can measure and send your request to a garment provider.  We are also very lucky to have garment fitters for Juzo and Solaris easily accessible on the Shore. I can refer you directly or you can be referred by your local DHB. Note: There is a big conversation to be had about off the shelf ready made and made to measure options so I am happy to spend time talking this through.

Do you treat lipoedema?

Yes. Lipodema has different stages to lymphoedema and sometimes people get both as the lipodemea progresses. This know as lipo-lymphoedema. You can’t ignore lipoedema, as like lymphoedema it is a steadily progressing condition. I will treat you with the same protocols as lymphoedema, bearing in mind your pain thresholds, your stage (1 to 4) and always being considerate of your needs.

I want to buy a discounted treatment package or buy it’s not in the booking system, what do I do?

That’s correct. These need to be set-up in the system against your client record so can only be purchased in the Clinic.

I have Heard that Manual Lymph Drainage is yery light and isn’t like a standard massage?

Yes that is correct. There is no pain with the treatment. The lymphatic systems sits under the skin, unlike muscles which sit deeper, so I use a very light touch with no massage oils to move the excess lymph and fluid out of the tissues. This reduces any swelling (oedema) which in turn reduces any pain or discomfort. As it is so gentle it makes MLD one of the most relaxing treatments available.

Do you take referrals (GP / Specialist)

Of course. Referrals are preferred but you can also self-refer to me. Everyone’s personal medical history is unique so sometimes I will need to have a chat to determine if MLD is the right treatment for you.

Can I claim insurance (Southern Cross / Other Insurers)

For Southern Cross, yes I am an approved Easy-Claim provider. For other insurance companies, payment is to the Clinic upfront however I can print you an invoice for you to make your own claim.

I am undergoing a cancer treatment, will you treat me?

This depends on what cancer treatments you are having and what stage you are at. We can discuss with your Dr or specialist to make a safe decision for you.

Are There Any Other Reasons Why I Can’t Be Treated?

Yes, certain health conditions are not suitable for treatments. These are outlined in the page; When MLD Is Not Appropriate.

  • If in doubt I recommend that you speak with your GP or specialist
  • This is also something we can discuss as part of the questionnaire

Will you come and do a home treatment?

This is one of those things that we will need to chat about but I do realise that sometimes it is impossible to make it in to the clinic. So, depending on circumstances, I can come to your home if you are within the confines of the North Shore. There may be a travel cost involved depending on how far I have to travel.

Move that lymph!