Helpful Information

Through my lymphie journey, I have come across a number of online websites, facebook pages and other media which you may find useful.

Recommended Websites

  • New Zealand Lymphoedema support website – has a world of information around New Zealand protocols, where to find help and other interesting pages
  • The Australasian Lymphology Association – this is a great website on lymphoedema and self management. The ALA is the governing body in Australasia around lymphoedema management.
  • The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation – fantastic site that covers off all the pre and post cancer journey questions and provides all the answers on support. They have a really informative page on lymphoedema management.
  • Melanoma NZ – covers information around melanoma detection and is a great support site
  • New Zealand Cancer Society – link to the lymphoedema page. You will be asked to filter by your local area so you can see what is relevant for cancer support for you.
  • Lymphedema Blog – interesting posts, sometimes more of a US bent and can have more medical language however there is a lot of really relevant support and educational information here.
  • LE&RN – Lymphedema Education and Research Network (US but covers the world). They also have a Facebook page
  • Lymphie Life – (Alexa runs an amazing website and blog). Worth subscribing to, and highly recommended reading. This is the best description of being a lymphie I have read: Lymphsplaining by Alexa from the LymphieLife
  • Legs Matter – a wonderful website on all things leg and foot related

Websites for Lipoedema

Lipoedema is a bigger issue that most people realise. If you think you have Lipoedema or if you have been diagnosed, I can recommend these two websites for support and information.

  • Lipedema Project – a huge resource of information about lipoedema management and yes, Lipedema is spelt the US way
  • Lipoedema Ladies – a very helpful support group

Facebook Support Pages

You will need to subscribe to each of these and will be asked questions prior to approval. Search for the following:

  • Official Lympie Strong Inspiration Groups
  • Living with Lymphoedema – Australia & New Zealand
  • Lymphatic Education & Research Network
  • LymphedemaGuru – interesting and informative posts on what’s happening in the lymphie world

Lymphoedema Self Management Information

I will keep adding to this as there is always more information being posted.

YouTube and links to documents for reading

MacLymph Clinic Documents

Move that lymph!