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Self Care

Under this page I will be placing information on self massage, breathing, dry brushing etc. This is a “living” page which I will be adding to periodically.
Last updated 4th October 2020

Self Lymphatic Massage Resources

These instructions should only be followed after consultation in the Centre with myself or if approved by your primary health professional.

Note: if you have an infection in any part of your body, then you should not do self lymphatic massage!

Best viewed in Chrome as the video links may not show in Safari. From Princess Margaret’s Cancer Centre – Upper Body and Lower Body plus the PDF’s that support the sequences. Great video’s to watch and they show how to belly breathe!

Posted up by other providers to the Klose School, who are based in the US.

If you are a member of the LSN-UK then you access their videos via this link

Self Massage – Breast (The Breast Cancer Site)
Self Massage – Lower Limb (University Health Network)

I absolutely love these sequences as posted by the Hands-On Clinic in Christchurch.
*Please check in with me first before starting these sequences as I may need to adjust for your individual care.


Here are three videos on exercises you can do for lymphoedema / Lipoedema courtesy of the Vodder Akadamie Wittlinger Clinic.

Dry Brushing

If you are interested in dry brushing, then this is best done before you shower in the morning on dry skin. Choose a soft brush as you will be gently brushing in long strokes on your body.
Here is a simple sequence courtesy of GOOP who also give some advice on brushes.
*I would do neck scoops first though but this gives you an idea