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MacLymph News

My First Post!

December 2018

Just a quick note about what’s treated at the clinic. Following the Dr Vodder School International training on Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Comprehensive Degonestive Therapy (CDT) protocols, I can treat lymphoedema and lipoedema, sports injuries (where there is oedema / swelling), chronic pain, general MLD for wellbeing of the lymphatics, and provide pre and post surgical treatments.

My primary purpose is to reduce swelling, stimulate the lymphatic system and ultimately reduce pain and inflammation. The focus is to

Relax, Release, Restore

Medical Lymph Tape

With lymphoedema and lipoedema and sports injuries, there may be times when apply medical taping can really help drain the swelling. Similar to the sexy sports Kinesio tape you see on our sporting heroes, this tape is colourful (or can be beige if you don’t want to make a statement) but how it is applied is super efficient in helping to reduce swelling and move the lymph.

For the lymphies out there who need an extra bit of support, I also can do a series of treatments called combined decongestive therapy (CDT). There are various names for it out in the lymphie world but that’s what Dr Vodder calls. This is used to reduce the swelling by using bandaging / wraps to get the impacted limbs (generally arms or legs) down to a manageable level so I can get you in to a garment for self management.

Part of overall management will mean we will talk about diet, skincare, exercise, breathing (because you have to breathe, right?) and general risk management.

Case Study! Ankle Sprain

Did you know that MLD is also very effective for treatment for injuries? My daughter, who plays a lot of basketball, twisted her ankle so badly she was on crutches. I treated her twice a day with MLD on the Sunday and the Monday, and applied the magic lymph tape and we had her back walking to school on the Tuesday. A few more treatments and she was playing at the basketball trials on the Saturday.  Bruising was minimal and no loss in what’s known as range of movement.  Job done, happy daughter.

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