MacLymph News

New Premises from July the 15th

I will be based at 119 Shakespeare Road, Milford in Health House from July the 15th. My last day at the Sleep and Wellness Centre will be July the 10th.

Online bookings are now open for the new premises so if you want to forward book then click here

  • Free off street parking is to the left of the main building. The¬†entry is from¬†Alma Road with four carparks available¬†including one mobility park
  • Access is to the right of the main building on the ground floor here is also a small waiting area in my rooms or¬†upstairs¬†there is a larger¬†waiting area¬†in the conservatory area
  • My business hours will be changing with bookings available from 7.30am Monday and Wednesday mornings and late nights on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
  • Saturday appointment are new and I¬†will be open from 9am to 1pm every second weekend.
  • A discount package price¬†for pre-buying¬†5 x 60¬†minute lymphatic¬†treatments for $475
  • Home visits will now be restricted to those who are unable to leave their home due to physical¬†mobility or post surgical concerns.¬†Please note the¬†service fee of $25 to be applied for home visits will commence from the¬†15th of July.
  • Health House has a Chiropractor and an Acupuncture¬†available in the upstairs rooms. They are¬†bookable¬†via the Health Centre website

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