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Did you know about these treatments?

Sports MLD

Dropping Information on Sports and MLD

Minor injury and trauma are often a part of sports that people often put up with as they expect they have to. Many people are not aware they can improve performance and recovery by supporting their body during and after intensive sporting activities by having a MLD treatment.

Often when we suffer from and injury or chronic pain our fall back is to go see a remedial massage therapist or a Physiotherapist. I am really happy to offer an alternative / complimentary care option.

So What’s So Great About Sports MLD?

  • It’s so gentle it can start immediately following an injury (alongside first aid treatments) and immediately work on reducing any inflammation (swelling)
  • Recovery is quicker as the inflammation is dealt with sooner so you can get back to doing what you want to do sooner
  • It doesn’t but any additional load on the body, unlike traditional massage that which cause an increase in arterial blood flow
  • It helps clear out any old inflammation in the body by clearing the system. Think of it like unplugging a blocked drain!
  • Sports MLD Gets Results!

    MLD achieves optimum results when applied as soon as tolerable and as often as possible within a short period of after the injury e.g. a sprained ankle would look better, feel better and be able to tolerate a quicker return to normal activities after 3 to 5 MLD treatments of 30-45 minute sessions over a week. Compared to the same injury treated with a 1 hour treatment once a week for 6 weeks, a much longer and likely more painful recovery period.

    All this means you can get back to training and doing your normal sports activities a lot faster!
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