Did you know about these treatments?

Bowen Therapy (Fascial Kinetics)

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy was developed by Tom Bowen in Geelong, Australia in the early 1960’s. Tom didn’t do training but a few of his “men” as he called them, observed and developed their own understanding of his very effective technique. Since 1986 this natural therapy fascia technique that stimulates you body’s healings system is now being taught extensively throughout the world.

It is a minimal talk and wait / relaxation periods between the moves (which are generally in a group of four). The body needs time to adjust to the change and these wait periods are the optimum way to do this to make that mind and fascia connection. It is a very gentle and relaxing therapy and often clients go to sleep or in to deep relaxation. The magic happens in those wait periods!

To see what this would look like, which is normally done through clothes, have a look at this clip which explains the treatment process.

The school I trained under, is known as Fascial Kinetics and the technique I use was developed by Russell A. Sturgess, who is an Osteopath and is one of Australia’s thought leaders in Western Mindfulness. I do love how he describes that Bowen Therapy is a “window of consciousness“. For more information on the Tom Bowen Documentary click here

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So why choose Bowen?

This is a gentle and non invasive way to manipulate the fascia and connective tissue and the results are often felt within the first session. To give you an idea, it is an effective way to treat;

  • joint injuries / restrictions such as frozen shoulder or wrist issues
  • back and neck pain such as sciatica
  • digestive disorders
  • breathing issues
  • stress and tension
  • headaches and migraines
  • relief of endometriosis symptoms
  • pregnancy related aches and pains
  • Fast and Effective

    Rapid results are common. Often there is a response in one treatment and most injuries and pain respond in 3 or 4 sessions. There is no limit to the number of treatments a client can receive. ‘Preventive’ treatments are of great benefit to help keep the body in a state of optimal balance and to prevent re-injury.

    Bowen Therapy is appropriate to use on everyone including

  • babies
  • pregnant women
  • the elderly
  • and those with long term pain
  • Treatment Approach

    Treatment is commenced after a consultation and discussion of a plan of care. Often the first treatment is simply what is termed the Basic Relaxation Moves. This sequence of moves is very restful but also effective in allowing the fascia to begin the process of rehydrating and ‘unsticking’ itself. During the session there will be ‘2 minute waits’ during which I leave the body to respond to the moves already made.


    Being a Fascial Kinetics Certified Bowen Therapist I do not leave the Clinic room during treatments which is a different approach to those use to Bowtech.