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Wellness and Detox Lymphatic Massage

What Are the Benefits of a Wellness and Detox Lymphatic Massage?

  • Promotes a healthier body
  • Helps stimulate the clearance of toxins
  • Improves your immune function
  • Helps calm the mind and will improve your sleep!
  • Have at look at this fun video from Shannon Goins CLT, a fellow certified lymphatic therapist, to understand how your lymphatic system can benefit!

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    Why Have a Lymphatic Massage?

    Toxin exposure is a reality for us all. We take in toxins from the air we breathe, the medications we take, the food products we eat, the chemicals we use to clean our house.

    Lymphatic massage (MLD) stimulates the lymphatic system, which is an essential part of your detoxification ‘support team’. The liver does most of the detoxification work in your body with a lot of help from your kidneys. By having a lymphatic massage, these organs will be stimulated in to action as we move the lymph.

    If you are feeling sluggish and need a kick-start, having Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) also known as Lymphatic Massage can give your body the kick start it needs.

  • Lymphatic stimulation is critical for most of the body’s functions, it’s not just to reduce water retention that causes puffiness and swelling in our bodies
  • By moving lymphatic fluid and reducing congested lymph, not only do you feel less swollen because of reduced fluid retention, but it has a cleansing effect
  • By purging metabolic waste from your body leaving you feeling rejuvenated
  • It is so gentle and relaxing that you can snooze while your lymphatic system and its support crew of the liver and kidneys are being gently stimulated!
  • While the lymphatic system historically has received far less attention than its cousin the circulatory system, the medical community is beginning to take note of its significance in people’s overall health and well-being. (See this article from the National Institute of Health for more information about the importance of the lymphatic system)