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Post Surgery Lymphatic Massage

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Why Should You Do Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Pre and Post Plastic Surgery?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage can relieve the tight, heavy feeling of swelling after a facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction or orthopaedic surgery. With MLD massage as part of your tool kit, this will help reduce your swelling and increase your post surgical recovery.

What do you need to do to get the best out of your investment for post plastic surgery recovery?

If you can, please book in for two or three treatments, prior to your surgery. This will help your body to be prepared for the post surgical recovery MLD treatments and also help you to be relaxed.

1. Plan and book in your MLD treatments ten days to two weeks after your surgery
2. Budget for and book for one to two 60 minute treatments a week
3. Follow all your surgeon’s post surgical care instructions!

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) for plastic surgery recovery?

  • Your treatment starts with boosting full body lymphatic flow through an abdominal and neck massage
  • Gentle massage strokes are used in the swollen area to encourage lymphatic flow and reduce swelling
  • Strokes re-route lymphatic flow away from lymph nodes and vessels affected by the surgery
  • Note: No oil or lotion is used and hands are with a light pressure in the direction of the lymphatic flow

    What can you expect?

  • Many clients feel less tight and heavy with the swelling reduction due to the MLD stimulation
  • Clients also feel less stressed and more relaxed after their treatment due to the relaxation response of the MLD treatment
  • With the MLD treatments, we are reducing the risk of fibrosis (thickening) around the scar and affected surgery area
    Note: Once healed we can also look at MSTR Treatments to further reduced the scarring and softening the affected area, if needed.

    Home Treatments

    If you are physically to make it in to the Centre, then provided you are on the North Shore, I can arrange to come to your home for treatments. Think about this as part of your post care plan as you will need to contact me to confirm.
    Please note the additional travel fee of up to $25 on top of the 60 minute treatment cost

    Credit for content to Kathleen Lisson CLT, CMT. To read her book on Plastic Surgery Recovery, order via this link or listen to this podcast for tips and tricks for recovery.