Surgery Recovery and Lymphatic Massage

How Many Lymphatic Massages Do You Need After Surgery?

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How Many Treatments Do I Need Post Surgery?

There are a few things to think about when answering the question of “How many lymphatic massages after surgery are necessary?”

In an ideal world, a person would hear about lymphatic massage before they got their surgery. Many people don’t know to do it, and most surgeons won’t tell you to budget for it in advance.

So, if you are reading this in preparation for your surgery, I very strongly recommend that you set some money aside for your care once the surgery is done. You will thank me later for it!

The Very First Visit

I recommend that people try to come a week or two before surgery or if this is not possible, at least a couple of days before their surgery to clear out their lymphatic system before surgery

  • This makes your recovery easier
  • This isn’t always an option for people, but it will give you the best possible result. Think of it like having a spring clean before your house gets turned inside out by unruly visitors!
  • There is a lot of waste (dead cells) that the lymphatic system needs to move post surgery. If the “pipes” (lymphatic vessels) are clean before the surgery, the swelling can go down easier afterwards. For most people the swelling is the thing that most concerns them after surgery
  • During your first visit we talk about your lymphatic system and what to expect after surgery, wearing your compression and other concerns you may have
  • Subsequent Visits

    After the first treatment, most people will buy a package deal.

    On average, post surgical people come to see me about 10 times total. To cater for this investment, I have packages of 3, 6, 9, and 12 visits.

  • Healing is a process that happens over many months
  • You will likely go through 10 visits in 4-6 weeks. Many people choose to keep coming to see me through about 10-12 weeks. In those last few weeks we are down to once every two weeks to keep on top of any tissue hardening and making sure the skin is staying smooth
  • The first week I recommend coming 2-3 times and then 2 times a week for the next couple of weeks. After that we go to once a week.
  • Package Schedule Options

    Schedule for Package of 10 Visits

    Prior to Surgery = 1 Treatment
    WEEK 1 = 2 to 3 Treatments
    WEEK 2 = 2 Treatments
    WEEK 3 = 2 Treatments
    WEEK 4 = 1 to 2 Treatments
    WEEK 5 = 1 Treatment
    TOTAL = 10 Treatments
    (First Visit + Package of 9 x 60 minute treatments)

    Schedule for Package of 13 Visits

    PRIOR TO SURGERY = 1 Treatment
    WEEK 1 = 2 to 3 Treatments
    WEEK 2 = 2 Treatments
    WEEK 3 = 2 Treatments
    WEEK 4 = 2 Treatments
    WEEK 5 = 1 to 2 Treatments
    WEEK 6 = 1 Treatments
    WEEK 7 = 1 Treatments
    TOTAL = 13 Treatments
    (First Visit + Package of 12 x 60 minute Treatments)

    As you can see, the packages get used up pretty quickly. Your schedule may vary from these suggestions due to your availability and mine. These are just guidelines based on where I’ve seen clients get the most benefit from their lymphatic massages. We can adjust and cater for you as we determine how well you are progressing in your recovery.

    So! How many Lymphatic Massages should I budget for after surgery?

    If money were no object, I’d say plan to come for 3-4 months. But, most of us are on a budget, so if you can come for the first 8 weeks or so, then you will be through the worst of it. There is no reason you can’t come back afterwards, though if you just feel you would benefit from it, so don’t think that since you came for 8 weeks that you are “done” and that no one comes back after that. They do, just not as often.

    Package Options

    Discounts increase as the package size increases. So, the more visits you buy at one time, the bigger the discount and the more you save.

    Not everyone can buy 9 or 12 visits at once, so they buy 3 packages of 3 visits for a total of 9 visits.

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