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Sports Lymphatic Massage

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If you are an athlete, a gym person or a social sports player the physical demands from of being physically active continually puts the body under stress. If you are looking for a kinder way to manage those niggles in the shoulders, arms, fingers, lower back and glutes, knees or ankles, that appear when you least want them to, then sports manual lymphatic massage aka as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) could be the assist your body needs.

As part of the tailored treatment plan techniques such as myofascial release, Bowen Therapy techniques and McLoughlin scar tissue release (MSTR) will be incorporated to include the total treatment needed to get you in peak performance.

MLD is non-invasive, gentle, rhythmic, hands-on technique that increases the flow of lymphatic fluid by more than ten times its normal rate. MLD can reduce pain and improve the overall range of motion which is so important on court. For more information on MLD click here

As we are working at the lymphatic layer which is just under the skin, this gentle technique is also very calming so has the bonus of releasing any stress that you may be holding in the body.

The treatment plan

You will be assessed for what you need for an individually tailored treatment plan with the aim to get you back at full speed to the basket.

While a one off treatment will get you body rocking, if you are carrying a few injuries, then it is recommended that two to three treatments are taken within a month, to maximise the treatment effectiveness. Post these packaged treatments, regular “tune-ups” of 60 minutes are recommended to keep the body in overall good health.

Photo Credit ShoreJam

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