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News Tagged as lymphedema

It’s Movember!

It’s Movember time already! Please support the men in your life or those who are struggling with prostate and testicular cancer and associated oedema (swelling) issues. All Australasian Lymphology Association accredited Lymphoedema Therapists can help with these oedema issues so do let your menfolk know that there are options for help. If you haven’t had […]

October is breast cancer awareness month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Often as a side effect to the cancer treatment, women are left with effects such as scar and range of movement loss in the shoulder alongside the potential risk of lymphoedema. As as Dr Vodder Lymphoedema Therapist and a McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release practitioner, I am here to help […]

Xpandasox Supplier!

Exciting news! If you are looking for a cute sock to go over your garments, bandaging or just need a bit of support for your swelling, I have a good range of Xpandasox and XpandaSport in-house. These retail for $28 + shipping. We are just testing that the payment gateway works ok so you order […]

Can I Have A Traditional Massage If I Have Lymphoedema?

A really interesting article in Massage Today by the Lymphedema Guru (Joachim Zuther, MT, PT) on Traditional Massage and the effect on Lymphoedema – click here Note that the conclusion is missing, so I have extracted it here for you CONCLUSION If lymphedema is present, the application of massage therapy is contraindicated in the affected […]

The Difference Between Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema

From our friends at the UK based Oxford Lymphoedema Practice (OLP), another great graphic on the difference between Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema Let's take a look at the differences between Primary and Secondary #lymphoedema. Posted by Oxford Lymphoedema Practice on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Kathy Bates talks Lymphoedema on Dr Phil

Amazing interview from Kathy Bates on Youtube and how she is now an advocate for Lymphoedema. The information about lymphoedema is in the second part of the interview. If you want to know more about the Lymphatic Education & Research Network, you can find them on Facebook and LE&RN on the web