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Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Lymphoedema Therapy

I am pleased to be a supplier for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Pink Ribbon Card for Lymphoedema Therapy.

Lymphatic and Massage Treatments

Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic DrainageĀ using lymphatic massage for

  • Lymphoedema and Lipoedema swelling reduction
  • Post- surgery swelling, discomfort and recovery
  • Post-Cesarean Section swelling and sensitivity
  • Cancer-aware massage for those with a metastatic cancer diagnosis and training in post-mastectomy scar massage
  • Post-plastic surgery fibrosis treatments
  • Sports recovery and general wellbeing lymphatic treatments

I have had very good results for headache and sinus relief, chronic conditions such as M.S. and glandular fever using this technique.

As we create your individualised treatment plan, we will discuss skin care, diet, exercises (including deep belly breathing) and compression options which is often referred to as Combined Decongestive Therapy (CDT). I am a huge advocate of self-education and self-management.

  • I do offer compression bandaging for an intensive phase of reduction but will always work with your District Health Board and Garment Specialists for the working out the best and most cost effective plan for you.

Oncology Massage Australia Oncology Massage Treatments

Trained and certified by Oncology Massage Australia for Oncology Support Massage and their Bone Marrow Support Sequence.

  • Oncology support massage is proven to reduce pain, nausea, depression and anxiety.

Scar Tissue Release Treatment

I specialise in the McLouglin Scar Tissue Release (MSTRĀ®) which is very effective for tissue mobilisation on healed scars and an effective treatment for plantar fasciitis. I also use the RianCorp low level laser (LLLT)Ā and medical lymph tapingĀ for scars and lymphatic drainage support.

McLoughlin Approved Practitioner

Move that lymph!