Treatments and Prices

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The most popular treatment time is 60 minutes however this can vary depending on what it is we agree to address. During the initial visit, we create your individualised treatment plan, we will discuss

  • skin care
  • diet
  • exercises (including deep belly breathing)
  • compression / garment and fibrosis management options

I am a huge advocate of self-education and self-management so will continue to drop knowledge each time we meet.

If you are a Lymphoedema or Lipoedema client we may touch on whether a Decongestive / Intensive phase is the right thing for you.

  • I do offer compression bandaging for an intensive phase of reduction but will always work with your District Health Board and Garment Specialists for the working out the best and most cost effective plan for you


Treatments Price

60 minutes $100 Package of 5 $475
75 minutes $115
90 minutes $135
45 minutes $75
30 minutes $55 *Face only
30 minutes BCFNZ Pink Card $55
McLoughlin Approved Practitioner

Move that lymph!