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Sports MLD for Stand Up Paddling Boarding


Whether you are a weekend SUP warrior, professional athlete or somewhere in between, the ability to operate at maximum efficiency and produce winning results is both exhilarating and rewarding. We all know that SUP is demanding on the body with those persistent niggles in the shoulder, ribs, lower back and knees. These injures, post-exercise soreness, chronic pain and tension can slow you down on the water.

With the https://oceanculture.co.nz/pages/events series already underway, you will be looking for any competitive edge to help you optimise for peak performance and quick recovery. There is an awesome opportunity to achieve both peak performance and post injury rehab outcomes through Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

As part of the tailored treatment plan techniques such as myofascial release / hand held ultrasound / the McLoughlin scar tissue release (MSTR) will be tailored to include the total treatment needed to get you in peak performance.

While a one off treatment will get you feeling great, it is recommended that two to three treatments are taken over a two to three week period to maximise the treatment effectiveness. Post these packaged treatments, regular “tune-ups” of 60 mins are recommended to keep the body in overall good health.


Packages of three treatments (including initial 1 x 75 minute and 2 x 60 minutes) $280
Package of two treatments (including initial 1 x 75 minutes and 1 x 60 minute) $195
One off 75 minutes initial treatment only (assessment and treatment plan) $115
Ongoing treatments under SUP On-Going Care Package $90
*note that all packages will need to be bought in-clinic
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Case studies

Recently both Maddie (15) and Dion (51) have been successfully treated using the Dr Vodder MLD protocols. Both injuries occurred at the fantastic NZ SUP Technical Championships hosted by the Auckland Paddle Fest at Pauanui.

  • Maddie presented with a rib and upper body rotation pain. Her pain and mobility were fully resolved in two treatments, with full rotation and pain being resolved after the first treatment. She was also treated for a thigh abrasion on the second treatment (skateboarding) as MLD can assist in drying wounds and overall faster wound healing.
  • Dion presented with acute knee pain and was unable to inwardly rotate his left leg. Mobility was the key issue for Dion and after the first treatment he was able to place pressure on the knee. After the second treatment, he was back on the water for training and was back racing post the third treatment

Medical Article

Here’s a link to an interesting article on MLD post treadmill exercise. It noted that the lactate (LDH) was significantly lower than those not treated using MLD.